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Terms & Conditions

Terms and ConditionsTo be able to receive a copy of our complete Terms & Conditions of Service, please get in touch with our office.

We provide expert cleaning services and the following terms and conditions are relevant to all bookings through our cleaning company. We may perhaps expand on or modify our terms and conditions on occasion and all modifications or extra terms and condition can subsequently be central to brand new or renewed agreements, but not to present agreements. Our cleaning service can be arranged through phone, email, fax, or directly by means of our internet site, and every one of our users agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions:

Regular Domestic Cleaning in London

Our cleaning company offers a regular domestic cleaning service with rates starting from just £17.00 per hour, not including VAT, on condition that the client enlists the domestic cleaner for a minimum session of two hours, once a week. Instead, a minimum of 3 hours per fortnight at £17.00 exclusive of VAT, may be offered as part of our basic regular domestic cleaning service.

Our cleaning company will acquire a charge that is calculated based on the weekly hours right through the length of the Agreement, which could possibly be ended, if wanted, within the initial month, on condition that the first month-to-month fee is compensated in advance. From then on, a single month’s printed notice is required from the customer to the cleaning company so that we are able to cancel the cleaning service.

For any customer who does not like to pen an agreement in advance:

The initial domestic cleaning visit is charged at £20.00 rate. As soon as the customer signs the agreement, the cleaning sessions are charged at £17.00 rate on a weekly basis.

One off Cleaning in London

The client is advised to monitor the quality of the cleaning work directly after the session has ended.

If the customer is dissatisfied with the quality of cleaning, they should phone the cleaning company within 24 hours as soon as the cleaning visit has concluded. Unless a justifiable reason is presented for a delayed notification by the client, the cleaning company shall not be held answerable for any complaints made past the 24 hour time frame.

In the event of a complaint, the client should allow the cleaning company to send a cleaner back to the premises so that they can finish the task to the customer’s satisfaction. The cleaning company will not typically refund any money if the customer refuses permission to return the cleaner.

While booking a cleaning service, the customer is obliged to supply sensitive information like complete name, address, phone number, email address and the transaction details over the telephone. When this information has been given, the customer is going to acquire a confirmation, through email, a single business day prior to the cleaning session. The customer consents to the terms and conditions unless they tell the cleaning company before the earliest cleaning visit.

The customer should permit their cleaner access to hot water and electricity. All fragile possessions have got to be secured or stored in a safe place.

Our cleaning company is insured by complete public and employer’s liability protection and we shall manage all statements which are appropriately brought to our attention as per our terms and conditions.

Our cleaning company will supply the cleaner with all cleaning chemicals and equipment but there could possibly be an extra charge for any expert tools that might be essential for a task. In such a situation, our cleaning company is going to present a separate quotations not going to be held responsible for failure to eradicate mature and enduring marks that are not able to be treated making use of typical carpet cleaning methods. We are going to, however, inform the customer of such spills ahead of beginning any work.

End of Tenancy Cleaning in London

Unless specified at the start of the booking procedure, our end of tenancy cleaning service will not incorporate the cleaning of walls, ceilings, curtains, balconies, patios, outside of windows, carpet, or large household furniture. Neither does it include cleaning dishes or ironing. Should any of these further services be necessary, we shall quote for them independently. The property should be empty in order for end of tenancy cleaning to occur.

We require that a deposit of fifty per cent of the price is presented upon successful booking. The client may cancel or rearrange a cleaning service by offering at least 24 hours’ notice, however if we are not given notice on time, no refund is going to be given.

Our cleaning company reserves the right to invoice a cancellation fee of up to 100% of the quote for the booked end of tenancy cleaning service.

The client consents to have a look at the quality of labour immediately after the end of the cleaning visit and to bring any matters to our awareness. The cleaner will subsequently carry out any essential added labour within logic. Still, if the client is still not happy they ought to tell our cleaning company in print without delay by concluding the supplied satisfactory survey and offering it to the cleaner.

The remaining money should be given to the cleaner or to Fast Home Clean cleaning company over the telephone before the cleaner leaves from the property.

Public Feedback

In accordance with legal advice obtained, you are strictly warned to refrain from placing any negative reviews on any social networking sites in the public forum, alternatively we will have no choice but to also pass the matter to our solicitors in regards to pursuing the issue of defamation.

We trust that we have made our position abundantly clear and reserve the right to recover any interest accrued and legal costs if necessary.